Products and Services

GEM is a full service outsourcing provider catering to both IDM and fabless semiconductor companies. From standard packaging to dedicated assembly lines and co-development of new advanced packages, GEM allows you to focus on your core competencies.

Packaging Development GEM has a large staffs of experienced assembly and testing engineers that will become part of your team. From determining the optimum package for your die to packaging innovation, GEM can work with you to expand your portfolio and add value to your products through packaging.

Wafer Processing GEM works with its customers to provide complete turn-key wafer processing. Wafer probe for discrete components and ICs and wafer bank storage are standard services.

Assembly Services GEM has processes that use both epoxy and soft solder die attach, and gold and aluminum wire, as well as direct electrical connection to the top of the die. Packages in production at GEM include: SO- packages, TO- packages, industry standard power transistor packages and several proprietary value-added packages. Click here for a list of packages in production at GEM Services.

Electrical Test

Discrete Device Electrical Testing:
Discrete Device Electrical Testing: GEM offers a selection of testers, all optimized for high current and/or high voltage as required for power management discrete devices

• Tesec 881-TT/A, 100 A max, 1200 V max
• FETEST 3602E, 120 A max, 1200 V max
• Semtest TT-1000, 20 A max, 3000 V max

In addition, for most packages, we have the option of using analog IC testers for discrete devices as shown below.

Analog and Power IC Electrical Testing:
GEM is experienced in testing analog ICs as well as complex power ICs. By using the industry standard (Credence ASL1000 tester 100A max 850V max), test program development time is minimized.

Logistic Services GEM performs all logistics services, from receiving raw materials into China to shipping finished goods out. We also maintain wafer bank and finished goods stock and drop-ship to end customers directly. WIP reports and automated data transfers are available, along with a web-based interface to view lot by lot WIP status.

Reliability Testing GEM can perform all standard environmental tests to qualify a new product. Capabilities including solderability, HAST, HTRB, HTGB, power cycle, temperature cycle, 85/85 and autoclave (pressure-pot) testing.

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